All Your Checklists In One Place

Project Description

Get all your information centralized and manage your data like a Boss!

The Challenge

There are many checklist apps in different app stores with the same concept of having a simple checklist, but you try them, unfortunately most of them fail performing simple tasks, or too complicated to be used on day-to-day basis.

Of course, it all goes back to “what do you want from a checklist app?” and most of times the answer to this question is simply a Checklist!

What We Did

When we faced this problem, we developed iCheck!

iCheck is the most straight forward app in app stores that is simply a checklist with no bells and whistles! Something you like to use on your everyday tasks.

After signing in to your free account, you can immediately start creating your first checklist by selecting type of questions, description of questions and multiple-choice answers if required. We will look after the rest by adding comments, pictures, signature, etc.

You can use your checklist right after creation.

The app also allows you to share your checklists using a single tap. When completed the checklist, click on “PDF and Share” to send your completed checklist to anyone else. That’s it!

Some other features of the app are:

Easy to use

Predefined questions, signature box, exports only by one tap

Create, complete and Share!

Simply share completed checklists, or send blank checklist to your team-mate to use.

Import/Export Checklists

Import your checklist from Excel to App, or Export your completed checklist to Excel using just one tap!

Enterprise Ready

For enterprise accounts, the whole team will get Pro version access. This is to keep all checklists in one place, and to run amazing analytics to improve your business processes!

You have a hard copy checklist?

We know that your time is Gold! So, let us create the checklist for you with the price of two cups of coffee! Just send us a picture/pdf/excel of your checklist and you will receive the checklist in your inbox in few days.


Our user’s feedbacks tell us that we developed the best-in-class Checklist app which is the best Solutions for Agencies and Businesses.

When it comes to having a tool to use everyday, we tailored the app to match what majority of users require for a checklist app.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started in a few seconds with icheck to create your first Checklist!





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